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Proofs? Do I need a proof for my button artwork?

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We offer a proofing service but most people do not really use it but if you are unsure or ordering alot of buttons it can be a good thing to get a proof first.

We have 2 proof options:

Digital Proof ($5.00)
Hardcopy Proof ($10.00)

Custom Buttons in Toronto
Custom Buttons in Toronto

Digital proof: If you need a digital proof we will make a button, photograph it and send you a picture of your button before we produce your buttons. Once we have your ok we will produce your order.

Hardcopy proof: This option will se riously slow down production but we can do this if there is time until you need your buttons. With this option we will make the first button and mail it to you sdo you can check it before we complete your order.

With All orders: We check to make sure it looks right before we make any buttons. If it is obviously wrong we will not make it! Remember we are only producing a button from your artwork. If it looks good and is set up well in the correct size in button designer it will look good on the button.

We pride ourselves on excellent quality!